Sunday, 10 April 2016

Solution to your grievances, just a call away

Nowadays every other brand has its own call center, these facilities are easy to help the customers with any problem they might be facing.Also, call centers help in assisting the rest of the departments, and handle the petty issues themselves. The Administration of Chandigarh is now starting up with a call center soon, where the citizens can complaint regarding any employee or official of a UT Department.

This will also help in keeping a check on the administration and other departments of the government, as the employees would be aware that the public has a very straight forward way to lodge a complaint against them. This is a one-of-its kind facility in the region, which will be a boon for the consumers. Ajit Balaji Joshi, Deputy Commissioner has also reviewed the project, and made the final changes to the same.

Joshi recently conducted a training session for officers from different department, to give them some knowledge on the functioning of the call centers. He trained nodal officers of departments, like, Estate Office, food and supplies, agriculture, office of the Deputy Commissioner, and more. The people attending the calls will be staff from various department of the Chandigarh Administration and once they receive a complaint regarding their department, it will then be forwarded to the concerned department for the required action.

The nodal officer, who will be deployed in each office will be monitoring the complaints lodged and its transfer process and will also be submitting the action-taken report. The call center staff will be informing the department about the complaint made, through an SMS or through a call. The incoming and the outgoing calls will be recorded for future reference.

Operating from 9 am in the morning till 5 pm in the evening, the call center will be operational from Monday till Saturday. In addition to receiving and forwarding calls, this center will also be promoting the various schemes launched by the government, and any other information which should reach to the consumers.

Currently the residents have to visit the office to lodge any complaint or grievance and it takes a lot of time and effort of the public to get their issues solved. Now with such a facility, it will be easier for them to lodge any complaint and save their time and energy.

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