Saturday, 9 April 2016

Its time to go environment friendly

Various colleges of Punjab and departments of the Punjab Government have been organizing various seminars around the state to spread awareness on topics related to lifestyle, health and nature. Recently another seminar was organized in Bathinda to make people aware of the adversities today’s humanity is causing to the nature and its various aspects. The agriculture department and environmental club of SSD College of Professional Studies organized this seminar.

Its time to go environment friendly - Punjab Government, Community, Swach Bharat, Swasth Bharat,

Humans today are polluting each and every corner of the world, and so focusing on the same, Dr Rajesh Singla, Principal of the College gave a presentation in front of the audience, which involved the staff of the college and the students. He made a point to focus his presentation on the importance of pollution-free environment.

The lifestyle of today’s human community is such, that it affects the nature in a very bad way and such behaviours are a cause to a number of natural calamities. The damages caused to the nature and the human race through earthquakes, tsunami, landslides, acid rain and more are the ways in which nature retaliates for all the bad deeds that destroys the natural environment.

It is our duty to keep our surroundings and neighborhood neat and clean and totally environment-friendly. With such advancement in technology, there are a number of ways in which one can do its part in preserving the natural beauty. It is global warming that is causing a condition of draught in some parts of the world and flood in the other parts.

Punjab being a farming hub of the country, it is important for the citizens of the state and surroundings to keep the environment neat and clean and preserve the nature in as many ways as possible. The program also included a rally that was organized by the students of the agriculture department and environment club.  During the rally, they focused on spreading awareness about making the state a polythene and plastic free area. Also, they encouraged people to plant tress and stop destroying them. The slogan that they used during the rally was, ‘Swach Bharat, Swasth Bharat.’ They shared a number of alternatives with the people, which can be used to protect the natural beauty of the state.

It is a duty of the humans to protect the nature and encourage everyone around us to use solar energy and plant trees and stop wasting water in any which way.

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