Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Solar Power to rule Sector 39 Grain Market

Chandigarh will be setting another benchmark by launching its Sector 39 Grain Market soon, which will be running on solar power and will also be having a number of more green technology features. It is a great initiative to save the environment and make it greener and even motivate the public to do the same.

Parimal Rai, Adviser to the Administrator has been reviewing the whole project and on his direction only, the green features have been added to this fruit, grain and vegetable market. Ajit Balaji Joshi, Deputy Commissioner of Chandigarh, has asked the government to give him a time of an year to set up this market, as desired, with the required facilities.

The Science and Technology Department will be installing the required equipment to help in running the market on Solar Power. Another environment friendly initiative, which is being taken by the administration in this market, is to set up the system of rainwater harvesting the building, which will help in preserving a large amount of water. Also, plants are being set up all around the market to produce biogas, which will be further sent to snehalayas and other these kinds of institutions, which can bring it to proper use.

The Architect Department will be very strategically placing the shops in the mandi, so that no chaos is created and there is no hindrance to all the facilities being set up there. With such facilities, it will be one of the most modern grain markets of the region and it would require an investment of around Rs. 200 crore, to effectively apply the same.

Consecutive meetings are being organized by the authorities, to further conceptualize the whole plan and devise the final steps to effectively set up the same. Such initiatives by the government, and the governing authorities, is a sign that they are trying their best to help in setting up environment-friendly facilities and also motivate the residents of the state to take up such initiatives, at a smaller level in their homes and surroundings.

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