Thursday, 7 April 2016

Waste Treatment Plant, Mansa finally gets a go ahead

It is a great project to manage the large quantities of waste being accumulated in and around the city. The best way is to do it through the waste treatment plant, which helps in recycling the solid waste. Such a plant has been set up on the Mansa Road but Punjab Pollution Control Board wasn’t giving a go ahead to the same. Their main issue was the smell and pollution generated by the plant. Now they have given a nod to go ahead with the same, on the condition that the project promoter and the Municipal Corporation would be the ones to control the smell generated from the facility. The plant has been set up on the Mansa Road and the JIFT Urban Waste Management Limited Company is expected to start the work soon.

To regularize this problem and to monitor the air quality data regularly, the promoters and the MCB has decided to set up ambient air quality monitoring stations in all the four directions of the facility. The project promoters are also planning to improve the green belt around the facility and for this they will be planting new saplings around the boundary of the site within a period of one month.

Since last three decades, the city has been dumping its waste at a 30-acre land, which has now been developed into the waste treatment plant with an investment of Rs. 28 crore in the first phase. The garbage being treated at this plant will be further used for producing power or other such useful treatments would be applied to the same.

Around 120 tonne of garbage is dumped at the plant site, which is collected by the workers of the company everyday from around the city. Complaints of foul smell from the plant have already started coming from the residents living in nearby localities. This was the major concern of PPCB, due to which it was not giving its permission for the functioning of the plant. The JIFT Company has found a solution for the same as they say that they have got a chemical from Gujarat, which will minimize the foul smell and also they will be using foreign perfumes to convert the foul smell into fragrance for the residents to live comfortably in nearby areas.

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