Tuesday, 15 March 2016

MC, Amritsar, On with Waste Management

C Srinivasan, Director of Indian Green Services had organized a very interesting session for the staff of the Municipal Corporation of Amritsar, to give them some insight on how to manage the waste they collect from roads and parks of Amritsar. The session was organized at the Company Bagh and Srinivasan gave very easy tips for the staff to manage the dry leaves and other garden resource, which can be made environment friendly.

MC, Amritsar, On with Waste Management - Punjab Insight, Social Initiative

He said that there are various procedures of garbage disposal, which can help in managing the waste which otherwise acquires a lot of space and resources. The best of these solutions, which he suggested, was to create a composting bed, which can hold as much as seven tractor loads of dry leaves. He said that Mulching was one of those useful ways of managing the garbage, which would reduce the requirement of space and even wont require much efforts from the end of the MC staff.

Mulching helps the soil in retaining moisture and also improves fertility of that land. He has given a date for harvesting the mulch to be around the mid of May. He says that it can even help the corporation earn money as three tones of mulch produced can be sold at a price of around Rs. 18, 000. Along with producing sources from garbage management for the local market, he says that it can even produce jobs for the local people. On his trip to the city, he also did tie-ups with schools and other institutions to teach the students of the methods available for solid-liquid waste management. This will be a great session for kids, as these kinds of resourceful alternatives, if learnt at this age will help in spreading awareness amongst the students about the importance of waste management and saving the environment.

Srinivasan is one of those people who have converted this so called waste into a source of income for many. He says that it is important for people to know about the worth of this garbage and understand that it is an important resource for the land and can generate income and green jobs for the families, which are below the poverty line. He believes that if a city like Amritsar implements this waste-management model effectively in the city, then it can help the Amritsar Municipal Corporation to earn an amount of Rs. 3.6 lakh from this every month.

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