Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Bathinda to be sensitized to Vector-borne diseases

More than 2, 000 cases of dengue were found to be positive last year and 36 samples of suspected dengue patients was taken by the Health Department of Bathinda. During several last years, the numbers of cases of Dengue have been the highest in Bathinda, out of all cities of Punjab.

Bathinda to be sensitized to Vector-borne diseases - Punjab Insight, Health
This time the Health Department is all set to get rid of it and has declared Friday of every week to be the Health Dry Day. On this day every citizen of the city will have to vacant water from the coolers, tanks and other places where water is accumulated. This will help in eradicating the places of breeding for the mosquitoes. Not only the residents but also the officials of the Health Department will have to clean the surroundings and the containers and coolers where water is accumulated. In case any official doesn’t practice the same, another officer is eligible to charge a fine on him/her. The department is all set to stimulate its machinery to get away with the vector-borne diseases which are life-threatening and spread all around in no time.

Punjab is becoming a state with increasing number of Dengue cases every year. All the districts and cities in every part of the state should take up the actions that the health department of Bathinda has initiated and apply the same in their regions.

In addition to dengue, another disease, which has been spreading around in Bathinda, is Malaria. Last year around 55 cases of the same were reported in the city. No case has been reported yet in 2016, but the residents need to be cautious of the surroundings to not let the disease happen in their region.These vector-borne diseases are hard to cure and dangerous for life.

Fine has been imposing on the residents since last year by the Municipal Corporation of Bathinda along with the Health Department to make people aware of keeping their surroundings clean and not let mosquitoes breed in accumulated water, but this year they have planned to taken even more strict actions. The concerned departments have been regularly organizing meetings and planning to get rid of these diseases.

Various health teams have been going around the city to keep a check at any place where water is accumulated, be it in tires, container, coolers or any such thing. The Municipal Corporation will be doing fogging on daily basis but the public has to participate and cooperate to get rid of these diseases.

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