Saturday, 26 March 2016

‘Clean Ludhiana, Green Ludhiana’

Someone rightly said, Cleanliness leads to Godliness… but adding on to the same, cleanliness also leads to good health and better environment. It is important to keep your home as well as your surroundings lean so that no health hazards develop in your neighbourhood. The first and foremost step that one should start with is to stop littering. With excessive littering on the streets, there are a number of diseases that crop up.

Clean Ludhiana, Green Ludhiana, Punjab Insight
Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana recently started a campaign with the slogan, ‘Clean Ludhiana, Green Ludhiana’, where they are trying to spread awareness amongst the residents about good health and cleanliness and how both of them are inter-related. The Administration Head of Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana, Dr. Harpreet Brar, led the campaign.

From doctors to nursing staff and other senior and junior staff of the hospital enthusiastically participated in this campaign. There were a total of 75 members who participated in this campaign. It was one of the attempts to make the citizens of the city realize their responsibility towards the environment. It is them who make it dirty and it is their duty to clean it now too. Dr Brar said that he along with his team of Fortis Hospital is a strong believer in a cleaner, greener and sustainable environment. It is high time that the citizens realized their responsibility and if we don’t start with a cleaner city today, our coming generations will have to deal with a very bad environment. So, it is not only for a cleaner and healthier today that we are fighting, it is for a better tomorrow.

One of the major concerns of the team of the campaign was that with this environment, there are a number of communicable diseases spreading in the society and to stop the same, we have to first keep our surroundings clean. Dr. Bar says that the idea to start this campaign was an inspiration from the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan started by our Prime Minister around the country for a cleaner environment. This is how they are trying to contribute to the same.

It is not only the government or the authorities which are responsible in creating the clean environment, but it is such a huge task that every citizen of the country will have to get involved and be a part of the same and do their bit for their environment. 

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