Monday, 28 March 2016

Offering comfort and care to cancer patients

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases in the world today and till date it is hard to find a perfect cure for the same. From newborn kids to aged adults, it is spreading in the society at a very fast pace. It is our duty to provide proper care and love to them and make the process of their treatments as easy as possible.

Punjab Government is now taking a step ahead to offer palliative care to the cancer patients in the state. They have already been trying their best to provide the best facilities to the citizens in the town to dedicate the cancer at as early stage as possible. Appreciable treatment facilities are also available at some of the best hospitals in and around the state for treatment of cancer. But now they are focusing on another level, i.e. on offering the best care to the patients.

A pilot project has been going on since an year in Patiala with the aim to offer a great palliative care programme. The Department of Health and Family Welfare had launched this programme and around 479 patients have already availed the relief offered under this Pallative Care Programme. The response from this pilot project has been very positive and the patients have also been responding back to the same, therefore, the state government is now making arrangements to expand it to all other parts of Punjab.

The Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital was established in Sangrur with the help of Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai. The TMC was requested to support this programme so that the cancer patients in the region can take the benefits of the same and now with their agreement, the project will start up soon. This kind of a programme is most helpful to those patients who are in the advanced stage and their situation is quite critical. The main motive of this programme is to offer the patients relief from the severe pain that they are going through and the trauma that cancer has been causing in their lives.

To offer the patients relief from the acute pain, Morphine was being given to the cancer patients through the block medical authorities along with general drugs which are given for the symptomatic treatment of the patients.

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