Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Another flight to fly between Amritsar and Delhi

By the end of this month, the national carrier, Air India is launching another flight on the route to and from Amritsar and Delhi. This would be the ninth flight on the route and there are a total of three air carriers who are serving the travellers on this busy route.

Another flight to fly between Amritsar – Delhi

Amritsar and Delhi, both being the tourist hubs for national as well as international travellers, have a high rate of travellers between the two cities on daily basis. This ninth flight will be start flying on the route from 27th March 2016. Air India already has three flights on this route and will have a fourth one after this. Jet Airways also has three flights on this route at the moment, whereas SpiceJet operates two flights between Amritsar and Delhi.

This newly launched flight will arrive in the holy city at 6:10 am as AI454 and will depart form here for the national capital as AI 453 at 6:55 am. It will be easier for the international passengers of Punjab who generally arrive in Delhi during midnight and can now reach Amritsar by the morning. Also, people from Delhi who visit Amritsar for work on regular basis, can now fly to the city early in the morning and spending the whole day can then be back by the night at their homes.

The bookings for this flight have already been started and the response from both the cities is excellent. It is difficult to find reservation in the Amritsar-Delhi Shatabdi on urgent basis, so this flight will be a relief for the last-minute passengers.

To accommodate the revamping going on the runway at the Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport, the Qatar Airwasy which is bound on the route Doha-Amritsar-Doha has changed its timings. It will now land in Amritsar at 8:15 am and depart from the same at 9:40 am for three days of the week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from March 27. And the same will land in Amritsar at 3:10 pm and take off from the same at 7:20 pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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