Sunday, 20 March 2016

Have you tasted the egg paneer?

If you are wondering that we are talking about a dish, which is prepared of egg along with paneer, then you are absolutely wrong. We are actually asking about the new variety of paneer available in the market now, which is made up of egg. Sounds interesting, right?

Have you tasted the egg paneer? - Progressive Punjab, Punjab Insight

The Department of Livestock Products Technology, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University recently displayed this new variety of Egg Paneer and Chicken Meat Chips at the Pashu Palan Mela in Ludhiana. It was a two-day festival where new varieties of animal produce were shown and also discussions were carried out on how to get good quality products from animals, without harming them.

This department has been dealing with the farmers, entrepreneurs and even the consumers in developing healthy and valuable live stock products, especially which are made up of meat and egg. According to them, this new variety of paneer, the egg paneer is a superior quality of the usual paneer, which is available in every household. As it is a mixture of these two protein rich commodities, so its level of protein is naturally high and is also rich in essential fatty acids which are essential for the development of brain and body.

This paneer can be used in the usual way just like the other one, and various regular dishes can be prepared using the same, like the egg paneer pakoras, curry, cheese fingers and more. This will add a different flavor to the dish and give you the best of both the worlds. The department is also trying to add some flavours to this variety, and are trying to make masala paneer, and green egg paneer.

This new discovery will solve the problem of those people who love egg and paneer equally as they can now have the taste of these two and discover many more new dishes as per their taste palette. It will be available in a vacuum packed form and can be kept in the refrigerator for around three weeks.

The chicken meat chips are a good substitute for the non-vegetarians for those oily fatty chips, which are available in the market. With the addition of chicken and meat, these chips have a higher nutritional value than its counterparts in the market. It is a good option for the kids who want some munchies during the day.

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