Friday, 25 March 2016

An attempt to attract farmers to go organic

Community college of Central University of Punjab, under the guidance of Dean Prof P Ramarao had recently organized a regional language-based programme for the farmers to avoid excess usage of chemicals and fertilizers and the importance of conserving ground water.

An attempt to attract farmers to go organic - Punjab Insight, Organic Farming

The main motive of organizing this workshop was to attract the farmers towards Organic Farming and make them understand why it is beneficial for them, keeping in mind the requirements in the near future and also the health benefits of the same. Sunil Mittal, Nodal officer of Community College presented the programme. It was a positive sign to see that more than 200 farmers participated in the same and were excited to learn the new techniques.

The Vice chancellor of the university, Prof RK Kohli had drawn the attention of the farmers and others present in the audience towards a major cause, which is about the major desertification in the country where a good arable land is being converted into a desert. He said that it is a matter of worry that various corporates are converting these arable lands into commercial projects, which is harming the food production industry in the country. He said that the university is planning to map the water levels in the villages in the Malwa region that will help in better farming options. He also told the farmers that the facilities at the community college in the university are open for experiments and training purposes and to help in solving the issues being faced by the farmers.

Kohli also honoured farmers who have been using progressive methods and have been developing their techniques of farming in a significant way at the event. Rajbir Singh, organic farming expert of Amritsar told the audience that to avoid the agriculture effects on Mother Nature, farmers should now move to Organic Farming. Motivating the farmers, he told them that many farmers in Pingalwara in Amritsar are now moving towards this environment-friendly way of farming and are receiving good results from the same. The first step that the farmers should immediately take is to stop the excess usage of fertilizers and chemicals in the farm.

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