Monday, 13 June 2016

The city plants trees, efforts to save the environment

Sensing the struggling state of the environment and bio-diversity, Missionaries Khudai-Khidmatgaran, initiated an event to save nature, where they carried out an extensive plantation drive in the holy city of Amritsar. The drive was joined by various NGOs, environmental activists and students of Government ITI, Ranjit Avenue, who were educated about the current situation of the state and motivated to plant different varieties of tree, shrubs and medicinal plants on the premises.
Highlighting the benefits of planting trees, and preventing harm to nature, the organization planted four Peepal trees, four Kanak-Champas, a tree of the fourth Veda, eight Pilkans, a mango tree, a beri tree and white ciris, to recover the green cover.Emphasis on the revival of the environment to save the health of the ecosystem of the region was laid on.Punjab, along with Northern India, has been witnessing frequent rainfall and thundershowers, which have softened the soil and allowed the environmentalists to start pitting plants. With more than 20,000 plants in stock to be sowed in the civil, the BSF and the Army areas, people have also volunteered to help maintain these plants by contributing Rs 11,000 from their salary every month. Prakash Singh Bhatti, of the drive's environmental organization, is busy working on five other projects in Tibri, Faridkot, Khassa, BSF and Amritsar city, with the help of top-notch machinery worth Rs 24 lakhs. Contributions and generous donations from the citizens help in maintenance costs, as more and more people are realizing that greenery is not a luxury but a necessity.He further discussed their contributions towards saving water, controlling pollution and preserving nature by planting thousands of trees, plants, shrubs, creepers and climbers all over in northern Indian states, BSF and military areas.
As the institution enters their 48th years of service as conservators of nature, they have already planted 16800 plants in areas under Amritsar Improvement Trust, New Amritsar and along the bypass road, 5000 plants in BSF and 7500 in Army areas; in the last year. Inviting the public to see these plants grow, and maintaining 80 per cent results, the institution will continue to look after them and water them. Promising to replace the dead plants by July, they also swear to bring the 16,800 figure of last season, once again, to the soil.Highlighting the importance of protecting natural habitat, the organizations also focused on the prohibition of deforestation.The balance of nature has been seriously disturbed and the institution is coming up with thoughtful and carefully constructed plans to restore it.Due to the overexploitation of nature, the institution is concerned as many people depend entirely on the continued availability of natural resources for fuel, food and medicines, and the depletion of such resources is harming the human livelihood.

Even the public must cooperate and present the new generations with a healthy green environment.The institution has stepped up in taking an initiative to extend their efforts towards the saving and protecting of biodiversity and hopefully the measures taken by them will be fruitful for nature and society.The event also saw the presence of District Forest Officer S Sagar, Sandeep Rishi, Chairman, Amritsar Improvement Trust and several other volunteers.

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