Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Exhibitions are becoming the shopping hubs

Bathinda is in for a treat, as hundreds of designer labels have rushed to put up an exhibition! The city that is famous for lacks of shops in alleys and showrooms offering thousands of ethnic and Indian wear options, is experiencing the thrill of going to an exhibition and laying their hands on a design which follows the latest trend. With boutiques, designers and wholesalers from not only Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Jalandhar but also from Delhi and Jaipur, setting up their stalls and exhibiting their latest collections, people would be provided with many options in fashion and style. Fashionable women of the city are at an all time high as latest trend in the ethnic wear collection section is enticing and modern.

Ritu Sarin, a designer from Chandigarh, had held an exhibition in Model Town in the city three months back, had exhibited imitation jewellery to go with the dresses on offer to make it a one-stop shop for her customers.According to Ritu, the exhibitors try to offer latest items to their customers to make sure that the sales stay high, and this is the reason why loyal customers wait for exhibitions rather than buying from stock shops.

Parminder Kaur Sandhu from Patiala, who had recently held an exhibition in the city under the name ‘Patiala Rack’, also vouched for the fact that exhibitions offer what the customers have not seen in the local markets.Bringing the designs, which are making waves in the markets of bigger cities and will take another two-three months to reach the local markets is what these exhibitors offer and prove to be a link between metropolitan fashion and small city style. That’s the USP of such ethnic wear exhibitions and it is the fact that these don’t offer regular stuff and no two pieces are the same.Sourcing different raw materials and unique ready made pieces from various markets of Delhi and other Indian cities, Bathinda-based duo Deepika Arora and Meenakshi Goyal have also been holding exhibitions in the city under their brand ‘Style Diva’, to provide their customers with something abstract to work with.

The best part about these designers is that they don’t believe in ordering and shipping goods from wholesalers. They research about the latest trends designs in fashion and go to other cities to browse through various markets, themselves, and pick pieces they think will provide a fresh change to the customers.Going to the extent of mixing and matching various parts of the ensembles to offer unique pieces to the customers, is what provides them a competitive edge over others.

Such raw, crisp, fresh and authentic designs define originality and individuality, which is the latest fashion trend. Apart from offering a huge variety, they also offer some pieces, which are casual wear and are more affordable as compared to the rest of the pieces. Even the casual wear suits have an edge to them, which the local shops don’t offer.

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