Monday, 27 June 2016

Highlighting Punjab government over the Unipoles

Outdoor advertising is a great medium to reach directly to the public. It is expensive, as well as the most effective form of advertising. Hoarding and banners have been into practice since ages and have been used by various brands to the core. It is very expensive; therefore various brands still can’t afford to go for outdoor advertising. These days, the marketing agencies are looking for more interesting ways to advertise the brands and reach closer to the public.

The government of Punjab is now looking forward to hire unipoles to advertise itself across the state. They will be talking about the achievements of Punjab Government in last few years and how the state has been developed in their tenure of governance till now. With this advertising, the benefit will be given to the Municipal Corporation, which has not yet been able to generate the required amount of revenue in the last few years.

With the SAD-BJP government advertising excessively on these unipoles, the municipal corporation will have an added advantage of revenue and can later on use these unipoles to be sold to various brands across the state. The government has asked the corporation to give them the prices for the 50% major sites in different parts of the state. They are planning to start this advertising program till December and will be extending further to other sites as well in near future.

It will even add to the beautification of the state, as these hoardings on the highways across the state will be highlighting the achievements of the state, highlighting its development and highlighting the positive points that the city is known for. Various agencies have also been roped in to give out their best prices and the ones giving the lowest rates will be taking up this assignment for the government. Also, the Municipal Corporation Board has prepared their own list of unipoles and their prices and will be giving the same to the Public Relations Department for further consideration. With this process, the Municipal Coporation would at least earn a sum of Rs 1 crore in a span of six months, which will be a huge achievement for the board.

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