Tuesday, 21 June 2016

CCTV cameras, a boon for The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is one of the most-visited places by people in and around Punjab, be it the local people of the state or from other parts of the country or even foreign tourists. The first thing that the authorities should take care of, is the security of the visitors to this holy place and that their peaceful experience shouldn’t be disturbed by any unruly element of the society.

Wherever there is crowd, some bad elements of the society are surely to be found there and so does happen at the Golden Temple too. Recently various kids were being abducted from the temple. It was getting difficult for the authorities to handle this situation and so they have installed the closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) in and around the premises of the Golden temple, so that such people can be caught red handed and such incidents can be avoided in future.

The authorities have been getting great help through this and they have caught various goons indulging in these activities at the Golden Temple. It just took 24 hours for the authorities to catch the kidnappers and rescue a child from them, who was kidnapped from the Golden Temple. The authorities saw the women abducting the child and on releasing the footage in the media, they could easily locate the lady and catch her and rescue the child. In addition to solving the problem of abduction of kids from the temple, these cameras have also helped in catching various thieves who steal personal belongings of the visitors, while they are offering prayers to the lord.

The police can now easily keep a watch at such unscrupulous activities. More than 200 cameras have been installed in different parts of the Golden Temple, and many of these are High Definition cameras, installed at the key areas. Parikrama is the place where the control room has been set up, so that the authorities of the Gurdwara can keep a check on everyone entering the Golden Temple and identify the thieves and abductors.

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