Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Using the Waste Polymer to its Best

In today’s generation, people are looking forward to innovate in the segment of getting the best out of waste. This is because, the awareness for saving the environment is widespread and people now know, what is the cost of losing the same.

Students of Global Institute of Management and emerging Technologies have done a brilliant job by devising a composite material, which is developed from waste polymer to make useful products like helmets, car bumpers, and windmill blades, which are even stronger than the present versions of the same.

The students achieved this milestone, along with the help of the faculty of the Mechanical engineering Department of the institute. Prof Vijay Bhanot, associate professor, Mechanical Engineering said that it is probably one of the first of its kind innovation, made using the waste. The products used in making this material, includes shavings of polymer, like PVC pipes, and more.

Under the guidance of Prof Vijay Bhanot, students of fourth year of the MET developed this composite material. The names of these students are, Angel Bajaj, Amrojpreet Singh, Amritpal Singh, Amoldeep Singh and Amritjot Singh.

The material created can be used at a number of places, and the components that it consists of are, PVC waste, hardener, binder, lubricant and the metal sheets which are used for preparation of dyes along with a few more.

A lot of trial and error experiments were carried out to bring these materials to the desired use. As per professor, there is a lot of technicalities involved in using these products, around nine samples were designed by crushing PVC wastage into different levels of microns, from 850 to 600 to 425 and different compositions of hardener and binder were mixed with this. Once the sample materials were prepared, they were then tested for the roughness of surface, its strength and to know the compressive load and impact load of the same. The final product devised, it is such that it can be used at various levels.

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