Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Punjab – The Best Power Producing State

The Power Corporation has recently obtained an A+ for the immense improvement in the power supply sector and it has emerged as a good power producer in comparison to other states around the country.

Bikram Singh Majithia, the Cabinet Minister of Punjab stated the above while addressing the audience at the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of 66KV grid at Jalalpura Village. The grid will be constructed in the district at a cost of Rs. 3.62 crore.

The reason behind the state emerging as the best power producing state in the country is the installation of Thermal plants at a cost of Rs. 33, 000 and also an investment, which was made for Rs. 4, 400 crore for the improvement of the power distribution system. Not only being beneficial in the power segment, these efforts have also helped in increasing the number of employment opportunities in this industry. With this development, around 6, 000 people got employment in this sector.

Along with being the best power producing state, Punjab has also excelled in the field of renewable energy and had even received an award from the Prime Minister of India for being the best performing state in the country for the same. The production of renewable energy was increased to 1500 MW from 9 MW, with an investment of Rs. 1, 200 crore in the power sector. And talking about employment, this segment of the industry have employed around 10, 000 people.

With such increase of power supply and energy, the number of issues and complaints amidst the customer also increase, and to solve the same, a toll-free number has been started by the authorities, for solving the issues of the customers at the earliest possible. This number is 1912.

Grids have been set up in different parts of the state, from Wadala, NaagKalan, to Dhadde, Mattewal and more… also grids in various districts have been upgraded for better supply of power. Around Rs. 50 crore has been spent on the same.

In addition to this, a lot of efforts have been made to improve power distribution in the Majitha constituency and an amount of Rs. 17 crore, was spent for the same.

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