Friday, 1 April 2016

Nandini’s ‘Baaton Baaton Mein’ released

Nandini Malhotra is an eminent personality from the Academic industry and has now tried her hand as a writer with her debut book, ‘Baaton Baaton Mein’.  It is a book about our everyday lives and very well carves out the intricate details of the relationship of a man and women and their challenges and love that one can relate to.

She has been into academics since last 25 years and has done really well in that sector, and works at Millenium School as the Dean of Activities. Her experience is such that she can write an entire series of short stories, but to begin with she has planned to keep her writings short and crisp and has presented a versatile series of stories in her first book.  Shiromani Natakkar Jatinder Brar released her book at Punjab Naatshala. As per the author, the book is a compilation of 25 short stories based on the complexities of relationships in todays’ time and the theme has been weaved out in words in such a way that anyone can easily relate to these stories. Manifesting her confusions, the characters of the different stories in the book reflect pain with an array of tragic emotions, which brings the depth in the entire series.

The inspirations for Nandini Malhotra were, Munshi Prem Chand, Gulshan Nanda and Mahadevi Verma. She has been following their writings since a long time and has developed her own style of writing. She got the confidence of penning down a book with the feedback and comments she got from her published write-ups in the newspapers. She said that she used to write down any incident or experience and observation that stayed in her mind everyday and all those efforts and experiences have now resulted into a book.

She has a strong opinion about the status of the relationships in today’s scenario where she says that they have moved on from ‘I’ to ‘myself’ and this she says is the major reason for the breakups and divorces, which are increasing day by day. She believes that with the increasing trend of Facebook and Whatsapp we are loosing interest in meaningful conversations face-to-face with our near and dear ones and have made this virtual world a major part of our lives.

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