Thursday, 31 March 2016

Operation of Special Trains extended

During the summer seasons the rush on the trains increases a lot as people from different parts of the country come and visit their hometowns, and also the people from Punjab are eager to go on vacations and their hometowns out of state during these months. This is so, because the kids are done with their exams and with the onset of summer vacations, everyone is in a mood to go out for a holiday.

Operation of Special Trains extended- Punjab Insight, Railway System

Keeping this in mind, the Northern Railway has announced to extend the run of special trains, so that the rush can be handled easily and passengers can book their seats on the desired routes. This addition will be done on three trains running on the routes of, Nagpur-Amritsar-Nagpur, Jabalpur-Atari-Jabalpur, and Katihar-Ferozepur-Katihar. These trains running on these sections will make around 80 additional trips during the months from April to June in 2016.

The AC Superfast Weekly Special on the route from Nagpur to Amritsar, 02125 will be extended to travel on this route on every Saturday from 7th May till 28th May 2016. On the other hand, its returning train, numbered 02126 from Amritsar to Nagpur will be running on every Monday from 9th May to 30th May 2016. The train leaving from Nagpur will leave at 5:50 pm and arrive in Amritsar at 9:05 pm the next day. And the return journey will start from Amritsar at 4:20 am in the morning and reach Nagpur at 4:25 am the next day. It is a total journey of around 24 hours for the passengers travelling on the whole route.

This fully air conditioned train will consist of a total of 14 coaches, which will include nine 3-tier coaches, four 2-tier coaches and one first class coach. On its journey within this distance, it will be halting at eight stations including Agra and New Delhi as well.

The Jabalpur-Atari-Jabalpur train, 01707 will be going on this route, twice a week on each sides starting from 5thAprill till 28th June 2016. Another train, which will be running on the Katihar-Ferozepur-Katiharroute, will be running once a week in both the directions, starting from 21st April till 30th June 2016.

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