Monday, 12 September 2016

Punjab Leading In Textile and Hosiery Production

Punjab leads India in textile industry. Punjab has 1.8 percent of growth rate which is better than the nation’s growth rate.  This is due to the incentives that government provides people for entering this industry.

Punjabis are hardworking people, they have been excelling in agriculture and industrial sector both. Punjab’s industries be it textile, cycle or tractor is doing better than any other state of the country. People are very active here and with the help of government providing incentives, there is no stopping for people of Punjab. Punjab is well known for its textile and Hosiery manufacturing industry as manufacturing is done at largest scale with efficient machinery and labor. Spinning and Hosiery exports are other key elements which make it able for Punjab to top the nation in Textile based industry.

Ludhiana takes credit for all the industrial growth in the nation, Hosiery and readymade garments are produced here. Vardhman group is the largest contributor here.  JCT fabrics id produces in Phagwara city and Barnala is home to the Trident group, one the very eminent textile manufacturers.
Average gross domestic production of Punjab was around 50.9 Billion USD and a major role was played by textile industry alongside Agro based industry. Textile industry has been flourishing in the state and is providing employment to many people. The produces are not just exported to other states but exported abroad as well. 

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