Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Health Department all set to curb Dengue

Dengue has been a problem for few years, it has been spreading in Punjab and it has affected the people of the state. This year the Health Department has been trying its best to avoid Dengue and take all precautionary measures. They have been carrying regular checking in possible Dengue prone places and carrying door-to-door campaigns to make people aware of the precautions and symptoms of Dengue so that people can guard themselves against the disease. They have also been carrying out drives to spread awareness among the residents to keep the surroundings clean and refrigerators, air conditioners, coolers clean and dry.

This is not it, the health department is also using Gambusia fish that eats up the larva spread around by dengue mosquitoes and multiplying the number of these fishes in all the parts of the state. The effort of the health department can be seen by the results. Bathinda had the most reported number of Dengue in 2015 and the number has gone down thanks to the awareness drive carried by the department. The department almost covererd all the areas of Bathinda which includes more than 60,000 households. The hospitals are also more aware and equipped to handle the patients.

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