Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Moms-To-Be get Tech Savvy

These days’ mobile phones have become a solution to most of our problems. For women who are expecting babies, a mobile app named ‘Mum2Be’ is becoming very popular. This application was launched for such women who can seek help through this app.

Mum2Be is an advanced mobile app that will calculate the due date of delivery of the child. This extraordinary app will also help in education to-be-mothers about the schedule and information about tests, checkups, vaccinations and the nearest check-up centers.
Apart from this, the app will also send reminders about all these tests, vaccinations and even guide about the nearest government health centers and delivery hospitals in the district, where medicines, tests and check-ups are done for free.This app is available for free at Google Play Store (for android users) and on App Store (for iphone users) by typing “Mum2Be”.

Working of the app

After downloading the app, the user one will have to fill the information about the ‘last menstrual cycle’, it will calculate the due date of delivery. The schedule of ‘antenatal care’ (ANC) check-ups, tests, vaccinations to be conducted for all trimesters of the pregnancy will also be there.To easily differentiate, the alerts of check-ups, tests and vaccinations are also in different colors. Information regarding the basic medicines, precautions to be taken during pregnancy will also be there. The mobile app also provides information linked to all government hospitals, health centers and dispensaries of the Ludhiana district.

Expecting mothers would also get reminders about these tests, check-ups and vaccinations during the time of pregnancy. The app will keep sending reminders till the time the expectant mother gets her tests done, gets immunized or takes medicine.

Till now, the locations of only Ludhiana district have been fed in the app but this mobile app can be used pan India. The users don’t need internet, repeated sign in or registration for this app. However, for using GPS maps for locations of the government health centers, dispensaries and hospitals nearby internet is required.

A group of women under the supervision of ADC ApneetRiyait developed this app. The mobile app would help in getting the number of deaths during pregnancy or at the time of delivery.The maternal mortality in India is a cause of concern. Women don’t take proper care regarding immunization, tests, medicines and diet during pregnancy which later creates problems for them. Deficiency of iron, blood, blood pressure and other problems develop due to this. This app would also send advance reminders about user’s delivery date so that she can get admitted to a hospital on time. 

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