Tuesday, 7 June 2016

MC producing power from waste

The garbage processing plant has been creating a lot of news lately, because of the gridlock between the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation and the Jay Pee Group. Now the Municipal Corporation has thought of a very good use of the same ad they are now planning to use the solid waste at the plant for generating power.

Jaypee Group is also currently using the solid waste to create refuse-derived fuel and offer it further to the power and cement plants in the area and other nearby places. The process has been kick-started by the Municipal Corporation and they have already made a nine-member team and their aim is to have various companies who would readily come forward to generate power by utilizing the solid waste.

The energy, which will be produced using this power plant, will further be sold to different power companies. Another positive aspect of this would be that the energy that is being produced here will be giving out non-hazardous byproducts, which will be a result of the combustion process. The whole trash will consist of not more than 10 percent of ashes, whereas the rest of it can then further be used in construction of roads, and even at brick-kilns. The Municipal Corporation has to now finalize on the company that will be producing power through this plant and will further sell out to other companies. The rate at which power would be sold to other companies will be around Rs. 7.90 per unit.

Last year, the municipal corporation had refused to give out tipping charges to the Jaypee Group, for their efforts of producing power from the garbage; therefore they had planned to shut down the process soon. But now things are back on track and power will be produced through the same.

Also, the municipal corporation has many more plans of introducing new technologies, with the help of which, dumping of garbage wouldn’t be required in that area and the corporation can then use this dumping ground for various other useful purposes.

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