Sunday, 24 April 2016

PU soon to be the new ‘Green Campus’

The Panjab University authorities have submitted the proposal to the University Grant Commission (UGC) in order to achieve the “green campus” status. Under the green campus proposal,the authorities have demanded the release of Rs 40 crore for installing solar panels on 35 prominent buildings in order to generate 5-MW electricity on the campus, which is one of the most important conditions for the green campus.

This proposal has been mooted under the scheme initiated by the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy to develop “green campus”. It aims at minimum 10 per cent reduction in projected demand of the conventional energy by the end of five years under the Ministry’s scheme of the solar cities programme.

The authorities have come out with this proposal in collaboration with the Chandigarh Renewal Energy and Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST). For this purpose, 35 buildings of the north and south campus have been shortlisted for installing solar panels.

The university was spending around Rs 8 crore annually on the electricity bills of the campus as per the recent records of the university. There will be a decline of 60 percent in the expenditure borne by the authorities on power bill after the installation of solar panels on these buildings.

All seven art blocks, seven boys’ hostels, seven science departments, two blocks of UIET, construction office, administrative office, Aruna Chandra Hall, one girls’ hostel and a dental college are among the prominent buildings covered in this project. After the installation of solar panels on 16 buildings, the estimated power generation will be of more than 100 KW.

If the green campus project is implemented in the university then the authorities could think of sharing the surplus power supply with the UT Administration during afternoon hours when the requirement was less as compared to morning time.

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