Saturday, 2 April 2016

Ludhiana, getting better on health front

Deepak Hospital has been serving the people of the state in various departments; it has now recently added another department to its kitty, which will help the increasing psychological problems in the society. The addition of Psychiatry department will make it easy for the people of the city. There are a number of psychological issues being faced by the youth of today, and with increasing awareness about the same, this problem can be taken care of in a better way.

Dr. Randhir Singh Deswal who is a former professor and was the head of psychiatry department at Christian Medical College and Hospital, has joined this newly launched Psychiatry Department at Deepak Hospital. After being introduced to his teammates and the management by the Senior Ophthalmologist, Dr. SK Chopra, Dr. Deswal also discussed about the prevalence of psychiatry disorders in the society.

On the other hand, the annual research and health symposium, CARES-2016 was organized in the city at Christian Medical College and Hospital. Students, nurses, doctors, faculty members and more from all the five colleges presented around 90 research papers at the symposium, which brought in healthy discussions relating to a lot of issues in today’s society.

The CMCH is associated with its research legacy since the year 1964, and Dr Abraham G Thomas, who is the Director of CMCH, spoke about the same to the audience. He also talked about the importance of clinical research in the advancement of medical and surgical treatments. The chief guest of the occasion was the professor and head of neurology department of AIIMS, New Delhi, Padmashree Dr Kameshwar Prasad.

While addressing the audience, he stressed on inclusion of clinical research methodology in the curriculum for students from various departments like, medical, dental, nursing and physiotherapy. He said that medical colleges played a great role in the clinical and molecular research.

At the symposium, 10 best research papers were selected from those presented by participants coming from different medical colleges of Punjab. Out of these, the top three were selected by the 25 judges, which were then awarded. Along with this, prizes were also distributed on the basis of individual categories and departments.

Post the symposium; the CMCH has also planned a continuing medical education, which was organized by the department of clinical haematology and bone marrow transplantation with transfusion medicine and haematopathology.

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