Tuesday, 1 March 2016


From the holy land of Amritsar to the serene waters of Satluj, Punjab is the restored land of beauty in all forms and measures. This pious land established by our ancestors millions of years ago, is not merely a state where millions of people live together, it is an amalgamation of distinguished cultures, languages, cuisines and languages on one soil.

The community of Punjabi people is famous all over the world for their grand reception. The Punjabi people are people with big hearts. Every individual, irrespective of his caste, class, creed and nationality is welcomed by the people of Punjab.
Having a rich cultural heritage and fine upbringing, the people of Punjab ensure that whatever they do is going good for the society. Punjabis do not live for themselves they rather live for the society, for other people, for their country.
Punjabi community believes in going good at any cost without thinking what are they getting out of it. The people of Punjabi community are givers. They are ready to sacrifice their own life for the goodwill of others. At the times of critical situations, this community stays together. They stick to each other and also give shelter and help to the people of other communities. The community of Punjab is unified. Doing good for everyone is the sole aim of this community.
History has witnessed the glory of this community. No matter what the situation is, the people of the Punjabi community are always ready to take everything that comes on their way with full confidence and with bravery.
May it be the time of riots or the situation of natural calamities, the Sikh community has always stood hand in hand with each other.

The people of Punjab have faced all the situations together. This community is the synonym for togetherness. From celebrating festivals together to staying strong during terrorist attacks, the people of Punjab are always one. In Punjab, nobody can create a divide among the people because they community of Punjab is laid on a foundation which is made up of togetherness and unity.

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