Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Swachh Punjab – moving on the right track

Recently the government of Punjab and Elets Techno Media had organized the National Conference on innovation in Governance in Chandigarh. An award ceremony also took place there to recognize various initiatives taken by different governments that are praise worthy.

The award for best E-Governance and M-Governance for service delivery to citizen was given to the Government of Punjab for its mission Swachh Punjab. The Chief Minister started the mission in June 2015 and it has been very effectively spread all across the state that the Prime Minister had praised it earlier. Till now more than 3, 777 villages have been included and worked on within this mission by the government. 

Along with this, huge efforts are being made to eradicate the Open Defecation problem and 1, 048 villages have already been declared as Open Defecation free in Punjab. India is one of those countries, which is having the major issue of Open Defecation in the villages and rural areas, and this is the reason why it is getting difficult to keep the environment clean and healthy. The first and foremost step for the state and in fact the whole country is to build toilets in every house and village and teach people the importance of the same. 

Swachh Punjab – moving on the right track - Punjab Insight, Swachh Punjab, Developing Punjab

The government aims to build toilets for the complete rural population of the country in the next three years. It is offering financial assistance of Rs. 15, 000 to each and every household in these areas, for them to build toilets for their use.  Along with solving the sanitation problem, the biggest challenge for the government is to change the behavioral practices of the rural communities and teach them about the importance of proper sanitation and cleanliness.

Provision of clean and safe drinking water is also on the top most agenda of the government to make this mission a complete success. Due to open defecation, and sanitation issues, it is becoming difficult to keep the water clean and safe. They are started with surveys and seminars on the ground level, from classes 4th and 5th in various schools, to teach the students about the importance of the same and how they can implement it in their own homes. If the kids are given proper education about the same, we can think of a bright future, where we wont have problem of sanitation, littering and safe drinking water even in the rural areas of the country.

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